Top Six Fall Activities to do When You’re Bored in Ottawa

By Maya Sano


School has just started back up, the temperatures dropping, the leaves are turning yellow, and summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. Fall is on its way, and instead of lying in bed at home and wishing it was still summer, here are some fun and exciting activities you can do to cherish the beauty of this season. 


    1. Get spooky at Saunders farm

Go in the day and enjoy their fun corn mazes and bouncing pillows. Then go at night time where you can experience saunders fright fest and go through their six haunts. 


    2. Go Apple Picking 

Go apple picking with your friends and family at Mountain Orchards where you can not only select apples of several variety but also venture on a forest trail and take a walk through a corn maze. 


    3. Hike in the Gatineau 

Hike up into the Gatineau hills where you are surrounded by autumn colours and you can truly see the beauty that is fall. 


     4. Go to starbucks and try their limited time fall drinks

Head down to Starbucks on your way to school and try their new fall menu... Hint: pumpkin spice is back again.


     5. Haunted walk

 Go on a guided walking tour of ottawa where the scary past of the city is unveiled.


     6. Celebrate the Day of the dead 

Celebrate the Day of the Dead at Festival Latino on November 2nd at Lansdowne Park, where you can try traditional Mexican dishes and learn about what the Day of the Dead is about. 


De-Stress for School

By: Ellis C. Bissonnette


While it would be great if students could just stop going to school altogether to avoid the mounting stress it can cause, that unfortunately isn’t the best route of action. So here are four things you can do to make your school year less stressful and save you from all those late nights filled with procrastination and bad coffee:


Make a schedule for what you’re going to do after school. Spending just under five minutes deciding on the amount of time to spend on each assignment and in what order lets you see that you will be able to get all your work done. It also helps you put limits on how much time you spend on each project and avoid getting stuck on one subject your whole night.


If you catch a cold, stay home. There’s a lot of pressure to not miss any class, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is to stay home, get some rest, and not push yourself. Doing this will help you refresh for the next day and even give you free time to finish extra work.


Don’t consider sleeping time “homework time”. When planning out when you’re going to start your homework, it’s important to avoid getting into the habit of thinking the deadline is the next day at 09:00. Instead, you have to tell yourself you need it done half an hour before you plan to go to bed, so that you are well rested and don’t stay up all night stressed about your work.

Avoid getting to school at the last minute. Almost all students end up showing to school last-minute at some point, however, this is something that you should avoid forming this habit because it induces unnecessary stress on you every morning. Getting to school early makes your morning less rushed and under control and starts your day off with a good start


Local Music Spotlight: Amnita

Amnita is a local four piece dream pop band. Formerly known as “Nighttime In Kansas”, the band released their debut EP, Solstice, in 2016 and their sophomore release No Shame In Letting Go (my personal favourite) two years later. Since then, they have released two singles, “Better Off Feeling Alone” and “Control”, suggesting that they have a full release coming soon.


The band has a very refined sound, combining dream pop, shoegaze, post rock, 90s midwest emo, and indie rock, adding their own touch to it all while still maintaining the familiarity of their influences. Their sound can be described as spacey, consuming, and fluid. The drums punch through the dreamy melodies created by the guitars and synths, creating a strong, danceable rhythm. The soft vocals add a nice glaze to their sound and tie it all together. Their intimate, poetic lyrics complement the atmosphere. They also play with instrumentation creatively and the experimentation pays off (a notable example being the saxophone part in “4-16”). They effectively display these attributes in their energetic and impassioned live shows. They are incredibly tight for a band that is so airy. Parallels can be drawn between their music and bands like Turnover and American Football.


Their most recent single, “Control”, is a bit of a change in pace for them. It borrows a bit more from their indie and pop influences, but still retains the essence and authenticity of their sound. The lyrics are powerful, dealing with being on the receiving end of toxicity from someone whom the narrator deeply cares for. The title of the song references how this abusive behaviour is being used to manipulate the narrator. The lyrics effectively convey the highly emotional nature of the subject matter. However, the mood of the song contrasts with the lyrics to create an interesting effect. The square drums, cascading synthesizers, and snappy guitar come together to make a full, lush sound. You can listen to it here: