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H o v e r   f o r   m o r e   i n f o r m a t i o n

H o v e r   f o r   m o r e   i n f o r m a t i o n

Nepean Knightwatch

Check out the newest music video made by the NHS teachers:

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April Poll Results
"There isn't school for another month."

5% said "Eh never liked that place"

27.5% said "May the 4th be with you?!"

67.5% said "I actually want to go to school :("

Stay healthy and wash your hands!!


check out this music video the NHS teachers made to "Happy":

check out this music video the NHS teachers made to "I'll be there for you":

Knightwatch Writing Competition


1st place:

Anna Berglas

With the poem "Her"

2nd place:

Anna Carsley-Jones

With the poem "Home"

A Special Thank-You to the Judges:

Tudor Robins (Local author of ten YA novels, including Objects in Mirror),

and Mr. Turner (beloved former Nepean librarian!)


Anna is an avid reader/writer. You'll find her running Nepean's Writing Club, directing this year's Children's Theatre, expending her energy at Improv, and doing slam poetry outside of school. Anna is much more excited to be this year's Knightwatch editor than she is about being in grade 12. 

Ellis is a grade twelve student in her second year at Nepean High. You can catch her throughout the school year as lead stage manager and choreographer of the 2020 school musical, as co-editor of the 2020 Yearbook, as editor of KEY Club, and probably running somewhere because that's a lot to do!  As a newer Nepean student, she is very excited to offer a fresh perspective and creative designs to Knightwatch.

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