October 15, 2020


October 15, 2020

By a Grade 10 Student

It has been said

Your best was all you could do

And that’s enough


Moods and feelings are like seasons

They change so quickly

You don’t even notice until after the change

I felt good

I felt confident

I felt hopeful

But then that changed


It has been said

“You’re smarter than that”

My best was all I could do

And that wasn’t enough


I’ve always asked questions

I’ll always try to look for help

But that can’t always work

That hasn’t been enough


My disappointment will fade soon

I know

It will blow away like the leaves of Autumn

My tears will stop falling

I know

Dry up like a Spring in heat as hot as Summer


But words are like a plastic

They can stay composed for a thousand years

And both can do harm


I’ll try my best

Even if you think I’m smarter than that

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